Duncton Parish Council forms part of the first tier of local government, elected by our residents to represent the community.   
We work closely with Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council and our activities fall into three main categories: representing our local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and improving quality of life and community well being.

What is a Parish Council?
  • It is a local authority and sometimes referred to as a Local Council.
  • Is the first tier of local Government and closest to the people
  • It comprises a chairman and councillors
  • Councillors are elected every four years
  • The chairman is elected annually from among the councillors
  • It is a statutory body corporate and acts corporately

What can a Parish Council do?
  • It can only act within the scope of the statutory functions given by Parliament 
  • It can own land and other assets, employ staff, enter into contracts for services, supplies and works 
  • It must appoint an officer to manage its financial affairs 
  • It can raise a tax through a precept and must set a budget for the purpose of revenue (and capital) income and expenditure 
  • It can borrow monies for capital expenditure