Parish Councillors are not employees, they are elected volunteers who volunteer their time to work for free on behalf of their communities. They do not have to belong to a political party, they just need to be concerned with local community matersThey are elected by residents at ordinary elections which are held every four years. If a position becomes vacant due to a Councillor resigning, dying, or being disqualified, a vacant seat is created. If after displaying a notice of vacancy for at least 14 working days, as long as no more than 10 electors from the Parish give written notice to request a by election, the vacancy can be filled by co-option. 

The Parish Clerk is the proper officer and statutory office holder, they are not an elected member but a paid employee of the council. Their role is to ensure that the Council as a whole conducts its business properly and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support. 

Your Parish Council has the following members: 
If you wish to contact your councillors, please in the first instance direct your query to the Clerk, Jane Landstrom. 

To download a copy of the Councillor Contact list click here

Jane Landstrom
Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Bishops Cottage, 164 Lurgashall
01428 707318 / 07708 028656

Cllr Hilary O'Sullivan
Vice Chairman, Chair of Planning, Wildlife inc Burton & Chingford Ponds

Burton Rough Cottage, Duncton
01798 344769 / 07769 658763

Cllr Andrew Beadsley
Finance, Duncton Village Hall Management Committee & Planning

North Lodge, Burton Park Road
01798 343582 / 07860 650023

David Bradford
West Sussex County Councillor, Rother Valley
07922 865735

Cllr Peter Thomas
Chairman, NE Parishes & All Parishes Meetings and Planning

Glebelands, Duncton
01798 344352 / 07483 235935

Cllr Rod Matthews

7 Stedham Hall, Stedham
01798 344600 / 07775 755500

Cllr Susan Laker
Playground, Defibrillator, Data Protection and Planning

The White House, Duncton
01798 342775 / 07979 506151

Cllr Chris Davies
Minerals & Waste, Winter Maintenance and Planning

April Cottage, 42 Duncton Common 
01798 344512

Cllr Vincent Leysen
Minerals & Waste and Planning     

8, Herringbroom Cottages, Duncton
01798 343213 / 07915 426704

Cllr John F Elliott
Chichester District Councillor, Bury Ward

01243 811786