Some of the important documents that govern the work of the Parish Council are available to view here.  All of these are reviewed annually and include:

 Document     Purpose     Attachment
Code of ConductAll Councillors have to follow and abide by this and it sets out general principles of conduct as well as the disclosable pecuniary and other interests Councillors have  to  declare.   Duncton Parish Council - Code of Conduct - May 2019.pdf
Standing OrdersThese are the written rules of a local council. They are used to confirm a council’s internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings.Duncton Parish Council - Standing Orders - May 2019.pdf
Financial RegulationsThese ensure that public accountability and high standards of financial integrity  are exercised over the control of public funds. They comply with and support  legislation relating to Local Councils. Duncton Parish Council - Financial Regulations - May 2019.pdf
Complaints  ProcedureThis policy sets out the procedures for dealing with complaints by members of the  public about Duncton Parish Council.Duncton Parish Council - Complaints Procedure - May 2019.pdf
Freedom of  Information Policy    Details what information can be obtained and how.Duncton Parish Council - Freedom of Information Policy - May 2019.pdf
 Information Commissioners Office Registration Certificate Registration Certificate.pdf
 Privacy Policy How we hold & process personal data Duncton Parish Council - Privacy Policy - May 2019.pdf
 Grievance PolicyTo provide a framework for dealing promptly and fairly with grievances. Duncton Parish Council - Grievance Policy - May 2019.pdf
 Equality Policy To provide equal opportunities to all employees.Duncton Parish Council - Equalities Policy - May 2019.pdf
Website Terms & Conditions Details the terms and conditions associated with this website.Duncton Parish Council - Website T&Cs - May 2019.pdf
 Winter Maintenance Plan
 This plan will be implemented in the event of snowfall or severe iceDuncton Winter Maintenance Plan 2019-20.pdf