Agendas and minutes of all 2019 meetings can be downloaded below.
Planning meetings are not separately minuted. Instead the comments that were submitted to the SDNPA are included in the minutes of the next full council meeting or can be seen on the SDNPA Public Access System by searching under Duncton.  
The original signed and approved minutes are only available in hard copy and stored on file.

Full Council meetings are 19:00 - 21:00 at Duncton Village Hall.
Planning meetings are 14:30-15:15 at Duncton Village Hall.

Type of Meeting DateDocuments
 Full Council Mon 14 January 2019Agenda - Duncton PC - 14 Jan 2019.pdf
Draft Minutes - PCM - 14 Jan 2019.pdf
 Planning Tues 5 February 2019 No meeting held
Full Council 
 Mon 4 March 2019Agenda - Duncton PC - 04 March 2019.pdf
Draft Minutes - PCM - 4th March 2019
 Planning Tues 2 April 2019No meeting held
 Full Council (Annual Meeting) Mon 13 May 2019Agenda - Duncton PC - 13 May 2019
Draft Minutes - Annual Parish Council Meeting - 13 May 2019
 Village Meeting
 (Annual Parish Meeting)
 Tues 14 May 2019Village Meeting Presentation
Sussex Wildlife Trust - Burton Pond Presentation
 Planning Tues 4 June 2019Meeting cancelled.
 Full Council Mon 1 July 2019
 Planning Tues 23 July 2019
 Full Council Mon 9 September 2019
 Planning         Tues 8 October 2019 
 Full Council     Mon 4 November 2019 
 Planning     Tues 3 December 2019