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Safety Works to the A285 between A27 and Petworth - posted 19 August 2018
The Parish Council Clerk has received an email from Simon Osbourne, WSCC giving an update on the planned safety works to the A285 - see below:
"I am emailing you to update on the planned road safety works on the A285 route between the A27 and Petworth. As you will recall the aim of these works is to provide a ‘safety edge’ where achievable within existing highway constraints along the route. Works are not anticipated to take place within any settlements along the route, should works in these locations be identified communications will be issued. The works will involve localised carriageway widening in places to a maximum of 0.5m on each side and provision of new edge lining, however the width of the running lanes will not be increased, the extra width is to provide a hard strip on the outside of the edge line. The works are being funded by a Department for Transport grant.

Surveying works are currently being undertaken by our contractor which will be used to identify the areas where this is achievable and formulate a works programme. The route will be looked at in sections and it is anticipated that works will begin on the first section, the southernmost end of the route, from mid-September. Work will progress along the route and this is expected to last for a minimum of 6 months. These works will involve the use of two way traffic lights to ensure the safety of the workforce, whilst some disruption is anticipated everything will be done to keep this to a minimum. Large Visual Message Signs (VMS) will be used to inform motorists and updated throughout the duration of the scheme.

If you have any queries please let me know, please note I will be on leave until Monday 3rd September and if you have any queries during this time please contact Jon Forster

Kind regards


Simon Osborne, Project Manager
Economy, Infrastructure and Environment
Highways and Transport
West Sussex County Council
0330 222 6351

Overview of our Village Meeting on 18th June - posted 20 June 2018.
Thanks to all of those who came to the meeting, we had around 30 villagers in attendance. We had updates from the School, Village Hall, Holy Trinity Church and the Parish Council along with a fascinating 
presentation from Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Rich Moorey about Scams and Rogue Traders. 
Richard is very happy to talk to any groups, no matter how big or small, so if you would like to find out more, please contact and click here for 
more details about scams and rogue traders.
For details of all the talks and presentations, click here.

Duncton Common work - posted 12 May 2018
This summer there will be felling & regeneration work on Duncton Common - see letter from the Leconfield Estate.

Setting up a Community Speed Watch (CSW) Group - posted 26 July 2017
Since discussing the busy A285 at the Village Meeting in May, a few residents have asked the Parish Council about CSW which is an initiative that allows local people to monitor vehicle speeds using speed detection devices.
The Parish Council have spoken to Sussex Police and they are keen to support a Duncton group and have agreed to loan us their speed calming equipment.
Our nearest CSW groups are Petworth and Halnaker but there are no groups monitoring the A285 in the Duncton area so it makes sense that a new Duncton CSW group is set up. Once registered the group will be able to book out the equipment and use as often or as little as they like.
Any vehicles recorded speeding as part of CSW is not enforceable, however Sussex Police will send warning letters to registered owners of any vehicles that meet the required threshold when driving over the set speed limit and if there is evidence of repeat or excessive offences, enforcement and prosecution will follow.

Volunteers will need to:
· Take the compulsory eLearning course (approx. 30 mins) and pass a multiple choice quiz at the end. The course can be retaken as many times as are needed.
· Be trained in the practical use of the group's deployable equipment.
· Carry out speed monitoring as and when they can

Duncton Parish Council are happy to support and lead the initiative but it requires willing villagers to volunteer and become part of the group as without enough support from the village, the initiative can’t go ahead.
This is a practical step that we as a village can take to help reduce excessive speeding and we welcome your thoughts and for volunteers to put themselves forward. 

For further information or to volunteer, please contact: Jane Landstrom, Clerk, Duncton Parish Council / 01428 707318

Duncton View Point Clearance & Fly tipping - posted 16 February 2017
During the recent clearance at Duncton View Point, it was shocking and upsetting to see how much rubbish has been and still continues to be, dumped at the site.  To help with this, the Parish Council has installed a bin at the site and will pay for weekly ongoing collections. There is also new signage at the site and future plans to perhaps fence off the slope.
Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste and carries a prison sentence and high fines. Chichester District Council has an enforcement team and is working hard to bring fly tippers to justice. Residents can report fly tipping by going to
The Midhurst and Petworth Observer ran a story on the clearance project - see here and we took lots of photos

"What IF".....There is a Power Cut - posted 7 October 2016
Power companies have launched a new national power cut phone line 105 to help people contact their local electricity network company. Callers dialling the free 105 number will be put straight through to their local electricity network operator, avoiding potential confusion or people contacting the wrong organisation. Using the 105 number, electricity customers will be able to report or get information about power cuts and report damage to electricity power lines and substations.
Do you need extra support during a power cut or know someone who does?
This free of charge service provides support to vulnerable people during a power cut.
To find out more information, go to Scottish and Southern Electricity Network and the UK Power Network